This Bethlehem home was completed in 2015. The owner/engineer designed this home himself with a goal to achieve a self sufficient home. Greg’s managing to provide power back to the grid with his solar panels. He also harvests his own water supply and uses a worm farm septic system.

Greg even managed to mill some of the trees on his property to be used as sarking in the main living room.

Features of this home include:

  • 7 bedrooms
  • 4 bathrooms
  • 4 garaging plus workshop
  • Solar energy for power and heating of the swimming pool

Noteworthy products used:

  • Eco-Block walls -This is a polystyrene block system that clips together with ease and forms the walls fast. The inside of the blocks are reinforced concrete making this a very strong and well insulated wall system. The exterior gets plastered and the interior has Gib board screwed directly to the block.
  • Shadow clad cladding





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